Our corner In 2023 - 2:45 and I

Achilles, Hurricane, Moonrider, Sir Loin, Road Oil, Panzer and Rum Runner enjoying coffee In the morning - 2023

Rum Runner smoked a turkey - 2023

Camp BUI and night - 2023

The Inversion Table at our Pineapple Upside Down Cake Thursday event - 2023

Mooning the Blue Moon rising over the mountains - 2023

Snowflake, Late Night, Mermaid Lilli and Moonrider chilling out - 2023

Achilles, Push Start, Garçon, Panzer and Snowflake making cakes - 2023

Our camp - 2023

Rum Runner serving shots - 2023

Pepper, Phoenix, Good Vibes and Queen Bee In their finest - 2023

Mermaid Lilli serving our guests - 2023

Rain, Rain and more Rain - 2023

One way to get around on the playa - 2023

Mermaid Lilli  serving us dinner on Tuesday with Edgi - 2023

Our camp during a blow - 2022

Our camp at night - 2022

Theater out by the perimeter fence - 2022

Out front - 2022

Rum Runner and Stories - 2022

Art structure - 2022

The Man  - 2011

TBD adding moisture to the stew - 2007

Craig, Sir Loin and Jordi our neighbors -2007

Hannah and Jo from London, England - 2010

Our Camp - 2012

Tumbleweed and Sir Loin

Plane crash - 2003

Showers behind the water truck - 2007

Costume on the playa - 2004

Dos and TBD

Jacqueline and her 1800 - 2009

TBD heating up

Mother Chucker and  Jacqueline - 2009

Queen feeding cantaloupe to Sir Loin - 

Buddha on the playa - 2009

Psyche, Stories and Epicycle showing their backs

Stories and Juggernaut at the Critical Tits Parade

Memorial for Iceman In the Temple - 

Footsie taking a snooze


First year a section of the 747 appeared

Hurricane watching a neighbor shoot It down

Incognito and Rum Runner - shot of the day

Getting Ice

The flaming bike rider - video

Setting up camp

The Man burn - 2009

Eddie Bucks and Rum Runner - Shot of the Day

Art on the playa

Porta-pottie row

Sir Loin and Stories In the mud - with Woody

Eddie Bucks on the playa

Shutterbug out front of camp

Achilles as Achilles

Mother Chucker, Road Oil and Sloppy

Sloppy and Woody

Sloppy checking Stories before the burn

Sir Loin and Eddie Bucks

Center Camp

Madiba Diatta In his native dress

Rum Runner, Epicycle, Woodty, Eddie Bucks, Sir Loin, Road Oil and Stories with our Gentleman Jack

TBD trying to make It fit

Psyche and Sir Loin

Eddie Bucks, Stories, Woody and Juggernaut

Rum Runner

This Rock at Greeter's station

Rum Runner with guests

Pineapple Upside Down Cake cooked In a Dutch oven

Juggernaut with guest from Poland

Juggernaut, Stories and This Rock

Mother Chucker serving

Juggernaut serving