2023 Gallery

Aerial View  of Black Rock City

El Pulpo Magnifico

The Man Burn

The Temple at night

Aerial night view of the city

Art piece from Ukraine

Notice the tank blockers

Getting ready In Medford

The crew at work

Sir Loin and DFW


Queen Bee serving cake

Achilles and Hurricane

Aztec Temple at night

Camp BUI

2:45 and Igopogo

Art car behind our camp

The Temple Burn

Sir Loin, TBD & Rum Runner

Enjoying morning coffee


Flags of nations she has visited in the Navy

Luna, Hurricane & Em

Ranger Moonrider

Ranger Dharma Bum

Ranger Achilles

Ranger Test Pattern

Ranger Epicycle

Pepper, Phoenix, Good Vibes & Queen Bee

Edgi & Pepper

Staying dry

Pickup Broken Down

Mikki, Moonrider, TBD, & Rum Runner

I Street in front of our camp

One way to travel in the mud

Rainbow over Camp BUI


Sir Loin with Ben, Michael, & Alexis

Friends from France

Street Barkers

Street Walker and Hurricane

Pineapple Upside Down Cake Thursday

Mooning the Blue Moon


Late Night and Snowflake

Art on the playa

El Pulpo Magnifico

Garçon cooking with Dutch oven s

Tower of Babel

Achilles, Push Start & Garçon

Cooking cakes

Sir Loin & Good Vibes

Moonrider, Late Night & Snowflake

Garçon, Push Start, Sugar, Edgi & Moonrider

Blue Moon & Sir Loin

El Lobo Loco

Conversations with a Squad

Art project from our friends from France

Street Walker

Garçon and Edgi

Chillin' In the heat of the day

Gods' Wife at the airport

The Man up close

BRC Train Station

Art Car

The Inversion Table

Mermaid, Queen Bee & Good Vibes

Art on the playa


Pepper and Edgi's art project

Flooded Man

Garçon leaving the porto

Pepper, Panzer and Road Oil

Our camp sink

The Man at sunrise

Art on the playa

Burners In their finest

Art on the playa

The Temple In the rain

Art Car

Art Car

Art on the playa

The Lamplighters

The Temple at night

Conversation with a Squad