Camp BUI

Our camp started in 2006 when three of us camped together - Mother Chucker, TBD, and Sir Loin. It was from this small beginning that our camp evolved into what it is today. The second year, 2007, there were 15 people that were affiliated with our camp. This included a number of people who had camped next to us and had participated in camp duties. The third year, 2008, the number had grown to 18. In 2011, we had a total of 27 participants. This past year, 2019, we had 36 folks in Camp BUI. We are family!

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Shelter - in 2006, we had a 10 x 20 shade structure (garage from Costco) and all our tents were out in the sun. Our dining table was out in the sun as well. In 2007, we had one 20 x 20 and the old 10 x 20 and it was this year we started putting tents under the shade. In 2008 we added another 20 x 20. In 2010, we intended to add another 20 x 20 but the tarp did not ship in time so Chuck went and bought a 20 x 30, the only one that was available. We used the extra 10 feet to make a porch out front. In 2011, we turned the 20 x 30 so that our structure was 20 x 70. And, we added a 10 x 30 flat roof front porch that year. In 2013, we added a 10 x 20 flat shade over the cooking area. In 2015 we addd a 10 x 20 flat area over the ice chest section of our camp. In 2018 we extended the ice chest area to 20 x 20. In 2019 we extended the ice chest area to 20 x 40 and now have over 4,000 square feet under the shade structure.

Name - 2010 - we were sitting around talking about driving under the influence and the idea of burning under the influence came up. We did a few tweaks of that and then decided as a group that it should be Burners and not Burning. So our name was born. Denny McKee, a camp member in 2007 designed our logo and our camp has grown from there.

Our camp is located at 2:45 and I Street. We have been at this same location since 2003. That first year, Sir Loin drove around until he found an empty space and pitched his tent. The first year the camp was on the Man side of the street and in 2005 it was moved to the Mountain side and has been there ever since.

We are known playa wide for four things: 1) Shot of the Day - each day at sunset we blow a marine horn and folks flock to find out what Rum Runner has brought for Shot of the Day. 2) Pineapple Upside Down Cake Thursday - Each Thursday from 2:00 to 4:00, we serve a piece of cake and a pineapple upside down cake shot. 3) We are the friendly camp with an open front area beckoning travelers to stop in for a while. 4) OUR FOOD - we eat like kings. Here are some recipes to check out - mostly cooked with Dutch ovens.