Mother Chucker

Mother Chucker

Tribute to a true Burner

MC attended his first Burning Man in 2006 along with a friend, TBD. Mother Chucker attended Burning Man 13 times. He was an enthusiastic Burner and loved to play with the Playa Pops Symphony. He also enjoyed volunteering at the Airport. His smile was so infectious and his playful and adventurous attitude will be sorely missed in Camp BUI. 

2006 - MC's first burn

Mother Chucker, Sir Loin, Karmadeus (a visitor) and TBD

2007- MC's second burn

Mother Chucker, Psyche, Stories, Epicycle and Sir Loin

2008 - MC's third burn

Most everyone in camp that year was a result of MC's actions


MC's last year at Burning Man

Chuck will be missed. What a great guy. Rest in Peace, Chuck. - Rum Runner

MC cleaning up after ribs

MC helping get McGee's car on the tow

MC and Stories out on the playa

Off the playa with Stories and Sir Loin

The Mother Chucker (MC) was my introduction to Burning Man, without him, and I would not know all of you. I have shared many times with many people how MC was so instrumental in helping me learn that we can different view and at the same time be close friends. I was blessed to have MC as a dear friend and to have so many fine memories with him. - Stories

MC was the best of the best. He was so very talented musically  yet he remained humble throughout his life. One of his greatest joys was to play with the Playa Pops Symphony. He would pack up his chair, music stand, horn and music and set out across the playa pulling his red bike cart behind his fat tire bike. In camp, he was always there to lend a hand. He loved to get up in the morning and have coffee out front of camp. He was kind, generous, adventurous, and so very playful. I have known MC for over 50 years and considered him one of my best friends. I will miss him both on and off the playa. We have lost a great man. - Sir Loin

Mixing his famous margaritas

Shot of the Day toast

MC loved the Playa Pops Symphony

MC and the horny section

Chuck was the penultimate mentor for Burning Man and Camp BUI.  He made it possible for us to enjoy a most remarkable community. We remember his laugh and infectious smile.   His playa ice cream and margaritas were what we needed to endure the desert conditions.   We enjoyed playa morning coffee with him.  Off the playa, we have such fond memories of the special times we had with Chuck and his wonderful wife Margy.  May he rest in peace.  Forever in our hearts, Road Oil and Panzer

This great example of a human, embraced me on my initial day at Camp Bui and said “Welcome Home”. Chuck was kind, considerate, and just an amazing man to be around. I'm so thankful for the years of playa time I shared with MC and will continue to honor him in spirit - Tin Man

MC volunteered at the airport each year

MC and his airport photo

Chuck was one of the kindest, most caring people I've ever had the privilege to call Friend. He will be missed more than I can express. Chuck had this look, this particular expression; A look of quiet, thoughtful amusement that was both contemplative and jovial. I've had that look pointed in my direction several times. Anyone who's known MC is probably familiar with the expression I'm referring to. - Hurricane

MC and Sir Loin in front of the Man in 2019

The Trojan Horse

Morning Coffee Time

Making home made ice cream on the  playa

Chuck forgot rock salt one year

Never again!!!

“Grief is the souvenir of Love”.  BonVoyage MC. - Rigger

Presenting the Ribs

MC with Stories and Jugger

Always Playful

MC with TBD and Stories

He was a warm, welcoming, gentle man as a camp mate. We had an immediate bond thru music - he as a horn player (NOT a “French” horn player, thank you!!) and me as a singer. He soooo loved playing in the Playa Pops orchestra. - Don Octave

MC and Jugger

Always having fun